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Nerve Chart

Is a pinched nerve causing your problem?

A Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC, Bio-Mechanical Lesion) has numerous components, i.e., osseous (bone), neurological (nerve), connective tissue (muscles, ligaments and discs), lymphatic, circulatory, biomechanical alterations (curvatures, etc.) and somatovisceral (tissue, organs, etc.), which may cause irritation and/or compression of nerve roots and affect these components. 


The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body. Many nerves come from the spinal cord, pass through foramina (holes) formed by notches of 24 vertebrae in the movable spinal column, and innervate or supply specific areas and parts of the body.


Whenever specific areas or parts of the body are malfunctioning, generalized and/or specific symptoms are possible. 


Cervical Spine (Neck)


1C – Back of the head
2C – Various areas of the head
3C – Side and front of the neck
4C – Upper back of neck
5C – Middle of neck and upper part of arms
6C – Lower part of neck, arms, and elbows
7C – Lower part of arms, shoulders

Potential Symptoms


Headaches (including migraines and tension type)
Pain at the base of the skull
Jaw pain, TMJ
Dizziness, anxiety, vertigo
Soreness, tension and tightness felt in back of neck
Pain, soreness, and restriction in the shoulder area
Bursitis, tendonitis
Pain, numbness, tingling, soreness in arms, hands, elbows and/or fingers
Sinus problems
Asthma, difficulty breathing
Middle or lower mid-back pain, discomfort and soreness
Carpal tunnel

Thoracic Spine (Mid-Back)


1T – Hands, wrists, fingers, thyroid
2T – Heart, its valves and coronary arteries
3T – Lungs, bronchial tubes, pleura, chest
4T – Gall bladder, common duct
5T – Liver, solar plexes
6T – Stomach, mid-back area
7T – Pancreas, duodenum
8T – Spleen, lower mid-back
9T – Adrenal Glands
10T – Kidneys
11T – Ureters
12T – Small intestines, upper/lower back

Potential Symptoms


Rib pain
Digestive issues
Mid-back pain
Shoulder problems
Stomach problems
High blood pressure

Lumbar Spine (Low-Back)


1L – Iliocecal valve, large intestines
2L – Appendix, abdomen, upper leg
3L – Sex organs, uterus, bladder, knees
4L – Prostate gland, lower back
5L – Sciatic nerve, lower legs, ankles, feet

Potential Symptoms


Digestive issues
Fertility issues
Bladder problems
Sciatic pain
Menstrual problems
Low back pain, aches and soreness
Trouble walking, leg, knee, ankle/foot soreness/pain
Pain, numbness & tingling in lower extremities
Colitis, IBS

Sacral Spine (Low-Back)


Sacrum – Hip bones, buttocks
Coccyx – Rectum, anus

Potential Symptoms


Sciatica, pain or soreness in hip and buttocks
Rectal trouble
Bed wetting (kids)

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