Front Desk at Clinic

Office Staff


Lori Fusco


I have been working for Dr. Day for 8 years, with a focus on marketing and office operations. I am also a patient of chiropractic care for 25 years, greatly attributing it to my healthy mind and body. I get adjusted regularly and know 100%, that chiropractic is the reason I can work as much as I do. My loves are my children, my fiance', Frank, and my family. I love to sing, and talk, (for all who know me). I am grateful to God for all HIS blessings and cherish every moment of every day.


Amy Lopez

Office Manager/Billing Specialist

Hello my name is Amy and I am the Office Manager here at Active Life Chiropractic.

I love my family, reading books, binge watching my favorite shows, and music.

I started about 4 years ago as a part time front desk coordinator and since then have grown to love the office, the patients, and my job.

I have learned a lot about the effects and benefits of chiropractic and seen many patients life change through the course of their care here in amazing ways.

I have the upmost respect for Dr. Day and Dr. Rivera who I have witnessed give endless care to those in need of it.

I love how committed Lori is to the office and each member of it. I know I can rely on all of my co-workers to maintain the caring and professional environment our patients love.